Illuxat 2.0


In October 2019, we had have announced a new version for Illuxat with many new features, new core etc..

Over time, our code became very un-stable, hard to maintain and so hard to do local testing. We have then, decided, after a few months (almost a year) to move on new technologies to maintain our code much better and the site itself.

We are happy to announce: Illuxat 2.0 is finally here! 🥳

In this new version, we have added and improved many things! Here is the list of the « big changes »:


  • Added a dropdown in menu to select a language. For now, it doesn’t « save » as before, but we will be looking at saving your choice.
  • Locale is now added in the URL directly. Example: for English, for French etc… By default and if you didn’t provide the locale, you will be redirected to the appropriate locale.
  • The popup to handle your settings for notifications have been improved/fixed. Before, it would break randomly for no reason.
  • Optimizations done for a fast loading
  • Documentations added for the API


  • Api response structure has been updated for some endpoints
  • More cache added to speed up api response (between 10 minutes and 1 hour – depends of the API)

(UPDATED!) Tools > Roominfo:

  • Chat background is now displayed by default instead of hovering the link
  • You can see better when a chat is trusted by xat
  • Embed code is accessible by clicking the « embed » link

(NEW!) Tools > xatu stats:

  • Added « xatu stats » to show stats of the chat with the amount of users that went on the chat (by rank/connection)

(UPDATED!) Tools > Manage editor:

  • Added « preview mode » – We felt that managing your xatu stats, was not enough. We then, decided to add a previous mode, so you can see how your xatu file looks like.

(UPDATED!) Other > Promoted chats:

  • Removed languages list. Instead, all chats will be displayed
  • Added countdown – You can now see in real time when a promotion is finished

(UPDATED!) Powers > Power information:

  • (NEW!) Added stickers list when a power is « Sticker » type
  • (NEW!) Added required powers for SuperPowers
  • (NEW!) Added releases history – You can now see the history of releases of a power (Works only on the very last powers)
  • (NEW!) Added « Display smiley frame » button above each smiley (if available!). When clicking it, you will see the strips of the smiley by frame. Useful for (FREEZE) power.

(UPDATED!) Powers > Trade price:

  • Updated page design. More stuff to come for this.

… And more ! We have also notifications system that you can find here about:

It’s been a long road until this release, but now we are done and so happy! More changes in the next few months will be released.

Interested in seeing Illuxat in your language and you know English perfectly ? You can contact me on xat (110110) or message me on the forum ?

Found a bug or wish to see something added ? You can contact me on xat (110110) or message me on the forum.

Thank you for reading!