New version is available

After a few months of development, the new version of Illuxat is now available with some new features! We have also re-worked every tools to fix a few bugs and even improve them! It’s been a lot of months of work, but we are happy for all the changes done.


In this new version, we have added a setting to manage the notifications. It means that you will be able to choose which notifications you want to receive or not.

Actually, you can manage 3 notifications:

  • Store notification which is for when the new power price is added in store
  • Countdown notification which is when xat is adding a countdown
  • New power notification which is when a new power is released (not in store)

To access the « notifications management », click « Settings » in the right corner of the site and on the modal, you will have the « Notification » tab.


As I mentioned before, we did a lot of bugs fixes and improvements to tools. You may notice them by yourself but I’d like to list some important ones which will improve your search on the website compared to other websites.

1 – Powerinfo and latestpower

From now, when you will search a power or from the latest power on xat, you will be able to see:

  • Superpowers pawns (if a superpower)
  • Stickers (if sticker power)

And we removed pawns list in case if the power does not have pawns for latest power page.

2 – Room informations

On room informations, you will now be able to « preview » the background of the chat by hovering the background link.

Also, we added a preview of the chat buttons color, so you can see the color in real time.

3 – Total price

For this tool, we made a great improvement because we thought that the current one was really not user friendly. The changes we did:

  • Whenever you « check » a power, it will automatically calculate the total price
  • UI improved to share 2 cards (one for powers list and one for powers which you have checked)
  • When clicking a power from the checked list, it will remove them from the list and automatically uncheck from powers list.

We really hope that you enjoy the latest changes we made for you. If you wish to report a bug or to suggest a new tool, feel free to contact me on xat_test or add my ID (110110).

Thank you for reading!