Subscribe to notifications


Since a few days now, we have implemented a notification system which works when you are not connected on the website compared to the old system we had.

To make it working, we are using to send the notifications. When you are subscribing to notifications, you are automatically registered to the users list.

OneSignal is saving a few informations from you:

  • Current device (browser)
  • Your country code
  • language code of your browser*

*Language code is saved because we are able to send a notification depending of the language so it’s another cool thing if you don’t know English nor French.

Here is a small preview of how does it look on OneSignal:

What is the goal?

For now, we use this system to send a notification when a new power is announced and when a tool is added to the website. But later, we will come with more ideas.

We want to make sure that the notification system will not be abused or we will not send random notifications to annoy you. This is currently a serious thing.

How to enable the notifications?

Simply go on and click the small bell at the bottom on the left of the website like you can see on this image.

To make sure that notifications are compatible with your browser, go in « settings » and click the « Test notification » button.

If when you have clicked the button, nothing appears; then your browser is not compatible with the HTML5 notifications. 😭

I have an idea for the notification system?

Oh! Do not hesitate to contact me; I’d be happy to hear your idea! You can find a way to contact me in the previous posts.

If you have any questions, please post a comment and i’ll reply back.