Help us to improve!


As you know, Illuxat is really open to new suggestions and improvements. We would like to become the best xat resource website for the xat users where they don’t need to use 10 sites to find what do they want.

We have already a tons of tools that are really useful for the user experience but this is not enough! We need more ideas, more improvements and more users to use Illuxat, instead of another one.

What are the steps to suggest something?

There are no steps to suggest something new.

Simply be clear in your suggestion and make sure to add the most information, so I can really understand your idea and maybe add it to the website.

Do I get something if my idea is added?

I’d like to say YES but your idea must be a good and loved one to get a reward.

Do not hope for a big reward, the current reward would be 100 – 200 xats since i’m not a rich man!

If you have any ideas, feel free to contact me on there:

Thank you!