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  • Added a watcher to track the amount of power released in store after a countdown has ended.



  • Updated the amount of smilies per row on the powerinfo/latestpower pages (5 vs 6 before)
  • Improved menu dropdown items to display a « + » if the tool is new and a refresh icon if the tool was updated – If you hover the icon, it will tell you exactly what it is for.
  • Improved menu dropdown width to appear more big


  • Improved room information tool. It now includes the xatframe link, a better overview of the buttons color and we removed the « bad data » alert which is now useless. You can also see if a chat is torched or is for sale.
  • Improved room information API. It now includes the xatframe link, tabs list and we re-structured the API data.
  • Improved power info tools. Title and description will now include the power name if you visit a power directly. Example:
  • Added a new status called « Store status » on the power information tool. It will tell you if the power is available or not to be bought in store. This same information has been added in the API. You can find more information about this here:


  • Improved the amount of smilies/pawns to show per line
  • Added « Powers listing« . Interested in having an overview of all the powers ? We got you! You can also filter the powers by category, status, min xats, max xats, min days, max days and search a power directly.
  • On homepage, the latest power will always show as first power in the latest powers section and with a red badge « latest » next to its name.


  • Fixed a bug for the smiley preview on the « required powers » page, ensuring it now displays correctly even when a smiley is mentioned multiple times


  • Added all flags from flag power on the power information page
  • With the introduction of flags in flag power, a « load more smilies » button has been added to prevent loading more than 20 smilies in a row.


  • Fixed an issue where emoji wouldn’t be displayed properly on web-push notifications
  • Changed sorting on powers releases history to show from newest to oldest


  • Added history for owers auction:
  • Added new setting to subscribe to new powers auction
  • Added new locale « all » to share a link to be redirected directly in the language of the used browser


  • Improved Manage editor tool: you can now filter by rank / bans / extra bans and search by id. You can also make your own xatu file without owning one!


  • Improved activepawn page design (pawns + superpowers content in modal)
  • Improved power information page design (smileys part)
  • Improved latest power information page design (smileys + pawns parts)
  • Updated xat facts (on homepage) to include when it’s Flash only


  • Fixed an error 500 on the findchat API, when there was no result to show



  • Fixed a bug where the Twitter notification wasn’t being sent out for a new power/countdown etc


  • Improved promoted chats page to include filters (lang/display autopromoted chats) / better view of promoted chats
  • Improved Superpowers modal content on the activepawn page to show 5 pawns per line instead of just one line

02/18/2023 (and before):

  • Added « Required powers » tool which can be found here:
  • Added « Face power » tool to test the FACE power from xat (
  • Fixed the « view smiley frames » which wasn’t visible on all powers
  • Fixed an issue where Manage editor and XATU stats didn’t work properly
  • Removed the « API » menu to only have the « API documentation » which lists all the API available
  • Changed the way the last powers are displayed on the homepage. It now shows 6 powers instead of 3 and acts as a « slider ».