CloudFlare App


As you can read the title, this article will be related to « Cloudflare ».

Why « Cloudflare » when we are on Illuxat?

The answer will be simple: application.

Recently, I was visiting a few xat resource websites, and I’ve noticed that most of them hadn’t a page for the latest xat power or the page was poorly updated (manually).

Then a few days ago, I’ve noticed that you could make applications for Cloudflare and then customers could use those applications on their websites.

The idea comes in my mind to create an application where website owners could display the information of the latest xat power without any coding skills and keep this page updated.

To detail the application, the application has a simple purpose:

  • Display the main informations
  • Display smileys list
  • Display pawns list

But, you have a lots of choices. I’ve added something where you can allow the application to only display:

  • the information + smileys + pawns
  • information + smileys
  • information + pawns
  • Just information.

You can also decide to display the smileys/pawns list by:

  • Text
  • Image (animations included)

And to finish: since we know that most users are not english speakers, we have added a small « translate » system so sentences can be changed in the language they want.

Is not that good? Of course, this first version of the application is the beginning. If we have enough good feedback, we can add more stuff to this!

For now, the application is not available for the public but will be in 3 – 4 days according to Cloudflare. The link will be published when the application is approved.